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Benoit BardyProfessor of Human Movement Science

I am Professor at the Université Montpellier-1 and the Institut Universitaire de France (senior member).

I am the founder and director of EuroMov , a new european centre for research, technology, and innovation in the science of movement in the south of France.

My teaching and research activities are carried out mostly here in Montpellier, but involve several collaborators in France, Europe, North America, and Asia. Most of my research activities are funded by the European Union. Since 2004, I have contributed, as partner or coordinator, to several EU projects including ENACTIVE (partner), SKILLS (partner), EBRAMUS (partner), iMOSE (coordinator), MARS (coordinator), ALTEREGO (coordinator), BEATHEALTH (coordinator).




How do we and other animals move? How do we stand, walk, run or jump? 
How do we perceive information in the world and act accordingly? How is it possible that we can coordinate, often unconsciously, the myriad of elements composing our body (neurons, segments, joints, tendons, muscles, etc..) and act efficiently, in a stable yet adaptable way?

My interest is in Movement. Movements that are directed toward a goal, whether the goal is an object to reach or a form to reproduce in a cultural context, whether performance is mediated or not by modern technology, such as immersive virtual reality systems or multimodal human-machine interfaces.

This site contains information about my research and teaching activities. Links to my colleagues around the world and PDF documents (articles, slides, teaching outlines) are also available.

For any question, comment or suggestion, please contact me

10-10-13 | Kick-off meeting of BeatHealth - Our new FP7 European Project

beathealth-logo2.jpg Kick off meeting on October 4-5, 2013 of our new FP7 (ICT Challenge 5) European project - BEATHEALTH - Health and Wellness on the beat

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07-01-13 | The EuroMov inauguration

ruban.jpgOn June 24, 2013, we inaugurated the new building of our EuroMov centre, at the occasion of the international conference – HEALTH IN MOTION – organized by the EuroMov research unit — Movement to Health (M2H, Montpellier-1 University).



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08-11-12 | Recent publications

 plosone.jpgNew articles in press in PLOS One

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09-10-12 | A new book on skill training in virtual environments




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12-15-12 | The new european project AlterEgo

fp7.jpgOur new FP7 ICT european project AlterEgo aims at enhancing social interactions using information technology such as virtual reality and robotics.

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