What’s the Deal with my iPad Saying it’s Not Charging?

When your iPad says it’s not charging it might be lying to you. Some people say this is an Apple conspiracy to get customers to spend more money on Apple approved accessories. The issue with this theory is Apple includes the required charging accessories along with the iPad, so you are not forced to buy anything. So why does the iPad display this error message? When you are attempting to charge the iPad, a minimum level of power must enter the device, this level is set by Apple.

If your charging method does not provide this level then you will get the Not Charging error message. So why is the iPad not receiving enough power? This could be caused by many things, the most common is that you are using a non-genuine charger (Apple conspiracy warning) that may not be providing a high enough level of power or possibly the level of power being provided is fluctuating so that the iPad considers the power supply unreliable.

Another possible cause is that you are using an iPad Mini, iPhone or iPod charger, these devices require far less power than the full sized iPad and as a result their chargers provide much lower levels of power. Another possible reason is you are charging using a USB connection on a computer. The level of power provided by a USB connection varies, not only between computer manufactures but within the computer itself, USB connections on the rear of the computer will often provide more power than those on the front of the case.

The final possible reason is a hardware fault, although when Apple power cables are treated right they will last beyond the lifespan of the iPad or iPhone, if they are pulled out by the cable the connection can become loose, this means you may require a new Apple power cable. This is the bit that gets Apple haters all worked up, when you see the Not Charging error your device may actually still be charging.

Granted it is a misleading error message but if you are not using the iPad and it is in sleep mode it may still be charging, just at a much lower rate. If you then use the device the level of power the device receives may not be enough to both power the device and charge the battery. For more information about identifying which charger you should use with which device visit iPad Not Charging on iPad Repair Only.

Five Reasons Tablets Will Replace Cell Phones, Pcs, And Laptops

The computer world has been all over the place with new and innovative ideas over the past few years, and while some of them have been obvious homeruns (iPhone) the allure of having a completely portable PC has left consumers with a bad taste in their mouths once they realize just how limited their new purchase really is. While tablets like the iPad have experienced limited success because they do not have the portability of a smartphone or the computing power of a laptop, the day is near when consumers across the globe will want the total package when it comes to their portable device. BestPriceTablets, one of the internet’s most active rating websites for tablets, lists several reasons that tablets will soon be nominated the leading solution for billions of customers worldwide.

1) Smartphones are Already Outdated

It really doesn’t matter how sleek your cellular phone looks or how great the interface is, because in reality it is nothing more than a tiny, weak computer with very little storage space. In order for any computer to operate complete operating systems like Windows 7, a minimum of 16 GB of storage is required as well as a dual core processor and 4 GB of RAM. As more and more consumers make the switch to smartphones and realize the limitations in multimedia, gaming, and multitasking, the demand for stronger portable systems will become obvious.

2) Smaller is no longer Better

It seems like in the past ten years the computer has been reinvented a dozen or more times, with each application becoming smaller without sacrificing power or productivity. Smartphones have completely broken this trend by making an ultra-portable device that is great for basic functions like Facebook or email, and although a few minor tweaks are still possible to squeeze out a few drops of processing speed the microchip would have to be reinvented for a smartphone to equal the computing power of a tablet. Once consumers begin to realize the smart phone’s shortcomings, they will look for a portable device with solid computing power…that is smaller and easier to carry than a laptop.

3) Why the Heck do we Need a 4G Network?

We’ve all seen the commercials stating that 4G is ten times faster than 3G, but the part that is always left out is the practical applications. Since your smartphone has never obtained anywhere near 3G speeds it really is overkill in every sense of the word, and if the technology industry is stepping up the game there must be something on the horizon that would actually make good use of that technology. Since businesses can not run on smartphones yet many of them require portability, tablets are the clear answer.

4) Tablets are no Longer an Apple Thing

BestPriceTablets shows that there are dozens of new manufacturers moving away from laptop production and joining the tablet market, and since there suddenly is fierce competition at both the high and low price points this works very well for consumers. By Christmas time this year expect to see both generic and name brand tablets well beneath the price of the average smartphone, with sales finally surpassing laptops sometime down the road in 2011.

5) The iPad Suddenly Became Smarter

Even though the iPad has remained the number one selling tablet since its inception early last year, customers definitely couldn’t understand Apple’s obsession with the stylus pen and why they couldn’t just get rid of it. Competitors quickly took note of this oversight and began pumping out inventory that used a fully functional touch screen, and suddenly the one man race was more like a sprint towards the finish line. BestPriceTablets shows that the iPhone still holds top honors in global sales but they are dumping the stylus pen in favor of full touch screens, and that should be the motivating factor for many businesses and individuals to finally make the switch from other portable devices.

Purchase an iPad App For Your Tiny Tot

Technology plays a very important part in our everyday lives. Until a few years back it was computers that was introduced at the classrooms to make kids tech friendly, but with the passage of time and the evolution of technology iPad applications have come in to use that has taken learning to a completely advanced level. The user friendly apps are very interactive and can be operated very easily by a child.

In an interview given to Wall Street Journal, Daniel Anderson, a professor of psychology said that a child looks in a television screen about 150 times an hour. The reason for this is that he does not know the correct place to look at, where as a properly designed iPad app is more engaging and the child touches at that place where an action takes place. Perhaps, he was very right in his logic. Some of the best iPad apps for Kids are purposefully designed in order to make the learning experience interactive. Well, another important reason that we can put forward behind the introduction of the iPad apps are that a tiny finger of a toddler can neither control the mouse nor can operate the console of a video game where as giving him or her touch screen tablet can easily help them to easily navigate.

Among all the iPad applications, one of the most interesting apps is the animal sounds apps. When we were small we used to read the books at your kindergarten school and learn that the sound of a cow is moo, a cat meows and cuckoos coo. There was no such thing or device with the help of which we could both see as well as hear. The iPad animal sound app enables a child to see the animal as well as hear its sounds also. All the child has to do is just click on the animal of his desired choice and he will get to hear the sound.

With the numerous iPad applications flooding the market, one is not able to decide the best learning apps for Kids. Given below are the names of some of the apps that one can look out before purchasing the apps

All about domestic animals: This simple yet effective app helps a child to learn all about sixteen domestic animals. A child can learn about some of the basic things related to animals like their food, the place of their residence and many more. They do not have to read any book to know about them.

Colouring exercise: This exercise comes with a built in colour palette. Children can colour the animal of their desired choice. Colouring the animals will give them an exact idea about the colour of a particular animal.

There is no doubt in the fact that rapid changes are coming and are about to take place in the field of education in the near future. With the progress of time it will be really wonderful to see that how technology will change the process of learning.